So it turns out we will see a watch show this year, just an online one…

With all the noise and attention focused on Baselworld in the past few weeks, the show that would be happening in Geneva became something that was merely referred to without much context given. However, the 2020 Geneva-based show that was initially cancelled on 27th February 2020世界杯投注 is now going ahead in a safe modern online fashion.

Watches and Wonders Geneva goes online... - Image Credit:

This is exciting stuff as this online-focused concept is something that has been dreamt of and referred to by many for some time now. If anyone was going to take a watch show fully online first, it was always going to be Watches and Wonders and the FHH. To find out more details on what to expect on Saturday 25th April

Or, head over to the to get a real taste. See you there?