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Porsche racing driver and WatchGecko brand ambassador Scott McKenna世界杯投注 loves watches, and his collection is certainly eclectic. What his watches all have in common though is the fact that each one means something different to him personally, and they all have a fascinating story behind them. A watch isn’t just an object you put on your wrist: it’s a time capsule that tells the story of your life. Here's what Scott’s watches have to say…

Geckota Scott McKenna C-03

Racing driver Scott McKenna's watch collection: Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

“This watch obviously has a special place in my heart as it’s the one that I designed as part of a limited series of 27: my race number at the time. And it’s certainly a watch that’s had an adventurous life. The moment I crossed the line having won the 2019 championship; I was wearing this watch. Through the complete elation, I was banging the steering wheel hard and somehow managed to damage the strap! I’ve no idea how it happened, but every scar tells a story and this watch was on my wrist during what was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. The watch did nine races with me during the 2019 season and it was a project I was involved in from the very beginning, choosing the casing and the colours and so on. To take something from a design programme on a computer to the moment of me stepping out of my car as a champion is very special, especially when it’s such a beautiful piece. Not many people can say they’ve done that – let alone wearing a watch with their signature on the face of it. I’ll treasure this watch forever and still wear it a lot.”

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“It’s not all about top of the range watches for me. I bought this watch for €120 on my way back from Mallorca in 2017, just in the airport duty free, for the sole reason that it looks a bit like a Rolex Daytona! That’s where the similarity mostly ends, I know, but I’m actually really fond of this watch. I wear it on a regular basis – it’s a good watch just to hang around with – as it’s smart, waterproof and seems near enough unbreakable. The model of the watch is apparently a Festina F16678/A series 1. It’s a Swiss chronograph, quartz movement, and keeps the time pretty well. Until I can afford the real Daytona, that will have to be my substitute! I might be waiting a while though: you can add a couple of zeroes and then a bit more to the price I paid for the Festina if you want the Rolex!”

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“I love this watch, and it means a lot to me personally as it’s the first watch I had to mark my partnership with Geckota. I didn’t have my own watch design back then, so this is what I was using for the first third of the 2019 season. I was also wearing this watch when I won my first ever race at the famous Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, so I’ve got some wonderful memories with it. This watch has a nice neat and compact size and style, which is why I love it so much. It feels great on the wrist and always gets plenty of compliments to this day. It’s a classic chronograph and the metal bracelet looks fantastic too. I still wear it a lot.”

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世界杯投注“We’re living in a digital world these days, so here’s a digital watch! It’s very different from the other watches I have but it serves a definite purpose. I was actually given this watch for Christmas at the end of 2018 and wore it for the full duration of the next ice driver season, obviously in the ice and snow of Scandinavia. When I came home I put the watch in a compartment of my race kit bag and left it there, only taking it out after I won the Ginetta championship much later that year. I then didn’t wear the watch again until the day before leaving for Norway for the 2020 ice driver season. Like the previous season, I wore it every single day, not taking it off for almost six weeks. I was given this watch solely for the purpose of having a watch I was able to wear every day, with a stop watch for lap times and so on. The Timex has survived -25° most days of the week when in Norway and has done two years on a single battery. Very impressive if you ask me!”

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“Obviously this is really special: the Autavia has got such a special place in the history of motorsport, which I love. The Autavia name, which first appeared in the 1960s, was actually an onboard timer for a rally car originally before becoming a wrist watch, which was worn by drivers like Mario Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve. So it’s really immersed in motorsport culture, a bit like I am! I was given this watch from my dad for my 18th birthday, which makes it even more special. Generally speaking, I keep it in my watch case and only wear for special occasions. The most recent one was my BRDC Rising Star interview at Silverstone at the start of this year: a fantastic recognition for a young racing driver. I love the look of this watch and the feel of it – the white face really makes it stand out. This watch is brand new and there’s barely a scratch on it.”